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Further necessary cleanups your lawn deserves

Breathe new life into your lawn this spring and fall

We can assist you in removing dead foliage and promoting new growth with our spring clean-up and fall clean-up services. From removing dead grass and cleaning up your landscape to aeration and power raking, we can get the job done for you.

• Clean-up services - we can blow your landscape and suck up the debris.

• Edging - during early spring, a blade edger is used to define the line between the turf and the cement. The blade goes

down 2 inches into the ground to leave a crisp clean edge. This will be maintained throughout the year by the use of a

line trimmer.

  • Shrub pruning - once a year in late spring to early summer to keep a shapely appearance and to promote healthy new growth. Low lying branches over sidewalks are cut to keep areas safe.

  • Aeration - core aeration allows water and nutrients to easily reach the root level of your lawn and control lawn thatch, leading to thicker, stronger roots for a healthier lawn.

  • Power raking - Removal of dead debris that builds up on your lawn over the winter. We recommend power raking in the early spring before new growth has begun. Power raking opens up the lawn surface so new seed can get better established.

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